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Wing It® Buffalo Sauce

Jar-Buffalo-250HTNutrition-Label-Buffalo1he perfect blend of aged cayenne peppers, butter, lemon, and spices. An all time favorite for many years, this all-natural recipe is as fiery as can be, and one 12oz jar of its potent poultry potion makes 15 pounds of wings. Ready to use, 100% natural, gluten free, and sugar free.

It does more, much more!  Wing It® flies in the face of tradition by providing a zesty, flavorful chicken marinade that is low calorie, low fat, and extremely low cholesterol.  It is also made from natural-ingredients, with no artificial flavorings, modified food starch, or corn syrup (the top ingredient typically listed on barbecue sauce labels). 

Yet Wing It's healthful properties go way beyond helping wing aficionados stay fit.  As reported in “Newsweek" - hot peppers (Wing It's leading ingredient) can actually inhibit the growth of cancer.  It all stems from a powerful chemical found in the peppers called capsaicin.  Capsaicin keeps carcinogens such as those found in cigarette smoke from attaching to DNA, where they can spur changes that lead to cancer.

That same ingredient, which helps to prevent cancer, is found in abundance in hot cayenne peppers and is a  well known aphrodisiac guaranteed to put a little spice in your sex life!

If your local store does not carry Wing It  -  print out your request here to take to your local retailer asking them to carry it.

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